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Re: Copyrighting..

On Wed, Aug 05, 1998 at 02:04:30PM -0500, rand@manetheren.stcloudstate.edu wrote:
> How exactly does one go about copyrighting/licensing their software
> under GPL?

This was baffeling to me to...ok as I understand it:
as soon as you make any original work of your own it is automagically
copyrighted by you.

By default noone but you has any rights to distibute it, modify it,
use it , whatever

To distribute it under the GPL basically all you have to do is tag on all
those "copyright" notices and notics saying that it is
distributed under the GPL (a very good example wording of that i sin
the GPL itself)

> I'm asking because I'm considering packaging and distributing a small
> bunch of emacs functions I'm writing for editing source code.

cool :)

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