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LAM 6.1 [Message passing for clusters]

Just finished a preliminary package of this for myself.

Problem 1.  This package contains a man page which conflicts with
a man page in mpich.  What's to do ??

Problem 2.  The source is in a .tar.gz which is GPL - no problem.
In the same directory there is also a patch.tar file.  Is it 
appropriate to apply the patches first and then package the
.tar.gz appropriately patched.

Problem 3.  The documentation is extensive.  The man pages pack/unpack
fine [except for the problem outlined above.]  There is also a deal
of documentation, some compressed but all in Postscript format.

Is it appropriate just to lump this into /usr/doc/lam ??

Answers would be appreciated soonest - though I can't promise it
will be packaged for release in a hurry.  I am still _very_
new at this and will use this as my first package as a maintainer.


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