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afterstep modules

I've been working ont the afterstep-classic package and am almost done with
it now.  I've renamed most everything so that it cannot interfere with the
standard afterstep package under active development and have hit a snag. 
The manpages for the modules..  I can't just rename the directory they go in

Both versions of afterstep provide asclock, wharf, etc.  They are even
AFAICT compatible with eachother, other than things like wharf in 1.4 does
things 1.0's did not like folders in folders.  So the question is, how do I
deal with it?  I thought about making a seperate as-classic-modules package
which provides afterstep-modules and suggesting afterstep-modules or
afterstep.  Is this the Right Thing To Do?

If the afterstep maintainer were willing to make the same sort of package,
there's no reason I can see why you would need to have one version or the
other.  Only module that has changed in a way that a user would notice is
wharf really.

I can see another reason why an afterstep-modules package might be useful. 
Being based on fvwm2, the modules work the same way.  A wharf in fvwm2
sounds almost like sacrilige, but I think it would be amusing.  The rest of
the modules would work similarly I'm sure.

If there's something I'm missing, please feel free to inform me..  =>

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