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Re: Has my deb got any problems?

Ian Lynagh writes:

> >The .deb contains /usr/lib/X11R6/lib/X11 which doesn't seem to be used
> >by the package.  Maybe it can be removed.
> I wondered about that too, but it is in the SVGA servers deb, so I
> thought I ought to put it in. Was this wrong?

In that case, better wait until Overfiend is back.

> >I haven't read the pre/post-inst/rm scripts.  At least the look
> >similar to the ones from other xserver packages.
> It is a copy of the SVGA Xservers one, except for a slight bug fix
> and changing svga to neomagic.
> >You have to provide a source package, too.
> It is non-free - no source is available  :-(
> *mumbles something about a certain graphics card manufacturer*

You can't create a .deb manually.  No.  You have to at least create
some scripts that do this, contain debian/control, debian/changelog etc.



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