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not getting all my md5sums

i adopted swisswatch a little while ago, but when i attempt to build it
with "dpkg-buildpackge -rfakeroot" i only get two md5sums:

 dcf791f2435fad6918bf0da235af3ef9 19171 swisswatch_0.6.orig.tar.gz
 dd04444521e04549e13bcec8cf0aeec8 2930 swisswatch_0.6-5.diff.gz

here is what i did:
(i took notes as i went along =)

1) Place the .diff.gz, the .dsc, and the .orig.tar.gz in the same dir
2) dpkg-source -x the .dsc
3) edit the changelog as necessary (package-ver/debian/changelog)
4) edit the control file (package-ver/debian/control)
5) dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot in package-ver/

also, what do i need to do with my pgp key and how do i get my account on
master? my pgp key is on keyservers (justin@openprojects.net), btw.


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