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Re: WIndow manager policy question

On Wed, Jul 29, 1998 at 12:42:13PM -0400, Shaleh wrote:

> I just recieved a bug report on Enlightenment asking for me to put it in
> /etc/X11/window-managers.  Fairly confident that touching another
> packages files would be wrong, what is the correct way to get E into
> this file?  Or should my package touch /etc/X11/window-managers?

Several window managers add themselves (afterstep and wmaker, for example),
and /etc/X11/window-managers belongs to no package. The file is created by
xbase (wmaker creates the file, too). Last night I was thinking about filing
a wishlist bug against xbase, basically asking to it to provide a simple
script, update-window-managers, that would manage that file. Ideally, it

   --add      adds a window manager to the bottom of the list
   --default  used with --add, adds the wm to the top of the list
              or moves the named windowmanager to the top
   --remove   removes a wm from the list
   --ask      asks for confirmation on this operations
              (this could be --noask)

the window manager would be just a name (enlightenment) or a full path
specification (/usr/X11R6/bin/wmaker). In the former case, /usr/X11R6/bin
would be used as the path.

I was going to write an implementation of this, but I got caught in other
things... if you want to go ahead, be my guest.


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