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Re: Kernel version check, init scripts

>>"David" == David Huggins-Daines <bn711@freenet.carleton.ca> writes:

 David> I could also check for the patch by grepping for 'ipddp' in
 David> /boot/System.map-$version... this file is guaranteed to exist
 David> if you use make-kpkg, correct?  (I would still have to check
 David> that $minor > 90 if $major = 1, because earlier 2.1 kernels
 David> had a broken version of the IPDDP driver...)

	Yes, but the use of make-kpkg is not mandated, so you should
 stick to uname or cat /proc/version or cat /proc/ksyms instead. 

 David> - MacGated, the daemon in the package, doesn't use a config file, so
 David> you have to pass it all its configuration on the command-line.
 David> I was thinking of creating an /etc/macgated.conf file in the
 David> postinst and sourcing it in the init script - is this the
 David> recommended course of action?

	Sounds like a plan.


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