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Re: My bugs have gone AWOL

On Thu, Jul 23, 1998 at 12:30:35PM -0400, Shaleh wrote:
> I looked on the bug tracking system to begin closing all the various
> bugs listed for Imlib.  However I can not find them all.  According to
> the list "Sean E. Perry <shaleh@debian.org>" has *2* bugs out.  This is
> flat wrong.  The number is nearer 6-10.  All the bugs filed on the
> libimlib and libgdkimlib are flat missing.  I saw a wmakerconf bug get
> reassigned to libgdkimlib.  I can not find the bug report to even know
> why.  All I saw was an e-mail from Ian saying it was reassigned.

One possibiility is that the packages are not installed yet in the
distribution under your name (I can't verify this at the moment). If the
packages are taken from incoming or elsewhere, before dinstall had a hand on
them, the BTS doesn't know about the mainatiner. Happened to me.


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