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Re: What is override package?

Florian Hinzmann wrote:
> A new question arises: The information is available 
> in debian/control when building that package. Why
> is not included in the package? No one would have
> to write override files and locally installed 
> packages won't appear without section/priority in
> dselect.

In your debian/rules file, you need to invoke dpkg-gencontrol with the
-isp option to get Section and Priority information in the .deb file.
I've never understood why this is not done by default.

Note that this still won't get the information into the override file;
that has to be done by hand.

> There is no way to change the override files by myself, isn't it?

Indeed not, you'll have to wait.  Fortunately the main archive
now has three maintainers, so it shouldn't take long.

Richard Braakman

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