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Re: circular depends: problem

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Shaleh wrote:

> You ask a good question Jules.  Let me try to explain my reasoning.
> The finished E deb is 51k.  The finished -theme deb is 910k.  Now, if
> there is a bug in the binary and I have to recompile -- all you have to
> download is the 51k package, not the huge theme.  I thought this would
> also lessen the burden on other arch maintainers because there are only
> to binary packages, E and dox.

:-) Two good reasons.  I retract my point.  The 2nd is especially
important - it saves a *lot* of space on the mirrors... (910k * (num_archs
-1)) potentially...

> As to the theme, I have no intents of making packages out of every joe
> blow's theme.  No point in filling up Debian w/ them, just put them in
> your home dir where they belong.

Unless one becomes particularly popular, or we design a special debian one
for use as a new-user default.


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