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replace ?

Hi !

My jed package is now splitted in jed,jedslc,jedsl-source and rgrep. 
How or whom can I say to remove the old jedsl package which is no longer 

BTW: Because I have to binary executable packages (x11 and non-x11) I
have moved all things necessary for both (including every docu except
the copyright and changes) to jedslc.
Then jedslc suggests jed|xjed and those require jedslc and suggest 

Is this ok ? (You now have to install the jedslc (/usr/lib/jed/*) and 
then install the binaries. So if you remove jed, the lib files 
will rest. How can I say dpkg that I want to have the jedslc to be
removed if both, jed and xjed are no longer present ?

read you,


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