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Re: circular depends: problem

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Shaleh wrote:

> Sorry, I replied to Joey only the first time.  Yes E's themes are part
> of E and GPL'ed (as much as a few pix and wav's can be GPL).  What I
> meant was copying the copyright file everywhere seemed pointless.  I
> made an enlightenment-docs which both the main package and e-theme
> uses.  All is happy.

I would make a general point about circular dependencies.  If a) really
depends on b), and b) really depends on a), then they can only be
installed together, right?  In which case, I see little value in having
them as separate packages.

This doesn't invalidate Manoj's (I think, sorry if I mis-attribute)
argument that a separate doc package is good for people who want to find
out about it without downloading the whole she-bang.  But if E and e-theme
are truly inter-dependent, I see no value in separating them.

I suspect that the correct solution is for E to Recommend: e-theme, which
is a virtual package, and e-default-theme to Provide: e-theme and Depend:
E.  Then e-funky-theme (written by a.n.other person) will also Provide

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