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Re: circular depends: problem

James Troup wrote:
> a) circular dependencies do *not* cause problems; dpkg, dselect (&
>    presumably apt) handle them just fine.  The only thing that might
>    not is users.
Not pretty though (-:

> b) A dependency for the sake of nothing more than a /usr/doc/ symlink
>    is broken.  I suggest you make an /usr/doc/e-theme/ which contains
>    the copyright and changelogs, nothing more.  Symlink-ing of
>    /usr/doc/$package should be only done to packages which the
>    original package already Depends: on for other reasons.

E-themes does not have a Changelog or a Copyright --> it is just pics,
wavs and a text file or three.  The docs from E explain what they are
for and how to mold them.  It makes more sense for the symlink to
exist.  The /usr/doc/e-themes directory would be a waste of inodes.

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