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Re: tempfile <-> IO::Handle::new_tmpfile?

Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
>  There's nothing wrong with debianutils... this is more a meta
>  question, I was just wondering if I could use the Perl provided
>  method... and debianutils is part of the base system, and it's
>  requiered, so there's no need to depend on it, is there?

You have to depend on it to make sure some old version that lacks tempfile
isn't installed.
>  Well, I didn't explain myself. In the particular case I'm dealing
>  with, the file is already there, and it has to be fixed because the
>  program (wmaker) won't even start with the old data. There are
>  several keys .*Fiend.* that have to be changed to .*Clip.*; if the
>  change is not made, wmaker won't start (the general feeling among
>  developers is "this is still under development, use at your own
>  risk"... I'm just trying to cope with that)

Ah. Fair enough.

see shy jo

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