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Strategies for packaging a Window Manager

I am beginning the packaging of the blackbox window manager
(http://linux.wiw.org/blackbox/).  Have not expressed my intent to package
yet.  I have a few questions -

1. Any suggestions on how I could make my job of interacting with the menu
system easier?
2. The source comes with an Imakefile -

/* Begin Imakefile */
#define PassCDebugFlags 'CDEBUGFLAGS=$(CDEBUGFLAGS)'

XCOMM Rules to build blackbox

MakefileSubdirs(app-defaults lib src)
DependSubdirs(lib src)
CleanSubdirs(app-defaults lib src)
MakeSubdirs(lib src)
InstallSubdirs(app-defaults lib src)

distclean:: clean
    $(RM) Makefile app-defaults/Makefile lib/Makefile src/Makefile
/* End Imakefile */

I have never worked on hacking an Imakefile.  What should I add / change so
that the makefile produced by running xmkmf installs into $DESTDIR?  Or
should I be running xmkmf by hand, editing the Makefile and then building
the .deb?

3. Are there any specific pitfalls I should watch out for while packaging a
window manager?

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