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Re: Version specific packages

On Wed, Jul 08, 1998 at 12:34:46PM -0400, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> How about if I:
>   - Package gri-2.1.17-1_i386.deb for general use.  It would be overriden
>     by subsequent versions.
>   - Package gri2.1.17-2.1.17_1_i386.deb for specific installs.
> If the package gets into Debian, then gri-2.1.17-1_i386.deb would be used
> there, but I'd make packages like gri2.1.17-2.1.17_1_i386.deb available for
> download at my ftp site (with a mention of that in /usr/doc/gri/).
> I suppose this is really a question for debian-policy?

If you will only upload gri (rather than gri2.1.17) into Debian,
then there is nothing to discuss -- just do it :-) You are free to make
any local packages you want to and distribute them unofficially, although
you own both pieces if something breaks.

If you did want to upload multiple versions to run together then
debian-policy would be appropriate.

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