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Re: packages

Arthur Dardia wrote:
> I'm interested in helping out Debian.  I like the idea of a free OS
> instead of Windows 95 or NT.  That's why I decided to try to install
> linux on my old 486.  When I eventually get it installed, I'd like to
> help the community as much as I possibly can.  I was wondering what
> people want done the most.  I'm not the best programmer, but I'm decent
> with Perl and HTML and JS.  (pretty crummy, huh.)  I don't care if I'm
> not greatly qualified, but I want to help.  LMK what I can do.

If you plan to make a Debian package from a not yet
packaged piece of software you have to make your intention public on
the debian-devel mailing list to make sure nobody else is working on
them.  Better cc it to wnpp@debian.org so it get's noted.

If you have some spare time and want to contribute it to Debian you
should take a look at the "Work-Needing and Prospective Packages for
Debian GNU/Linux" also known as WNPP that can be found at

There are probably some gnome applications that need to be packaged.

We also could need people that take care of general bugreports and
try to fix them uploading an appropriate patch to the bug tracking

We also need people who write documentation and who smoothen some
packages to use some decent mechanisms.  I'm thinking on mime-update
where the user is queried 6 times during installation or the dictionaries
where the user is queried much too often.  Somebody has to develop
a mechanism to avoid this.



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