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Re: (un)subcribe: debian-[private|testing|security-private]

> I cc this reply to webmaster so he can change the 
> wrong information at www.debian.org.

> > The website is wrong.  Somehow, this info went out incorrectly when the
> > list was started, and it keeps showing up in different places.  I could
> > have sworn that this was fixed a while back in
> > /usr/doc/debian/mailing-list.txt.
> > 
It may have been fixed in that file, but the web page is currently updated
from the file by hand. It is rather easy to miss small changes like that.
I have written a script (it's rather ugly as the format of the file isn't
very good) to generate the web page from mailing-lists.txt. I should finish
testing the script and put it into use within a week.

Jay Treacy

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