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Ok perhaps this is a dumb question but...
A couple of uploads back I added an init.d script to xfstt.
Through a slight oversite...I didn't "mark it as a conffile"
The doewnside (as is probbaly obvious) is that newer versions
overwrite older versions automatically...even if the user had
configured the script!

I have been trying to figure out how to fix this.
Previously I had "xfstt" (the script name) put into
/etc/init.d with "install" in the rules file.

Now how do I do it right? unfortunatly my homw sytsem is slightly
AFU still (as I found this out while trying to figure this out)
I think I may have gotten it working right (I renamed
xfstt in the debian/ directory to init.d  and removed all references 
in rules) to let debstd take care of the rest. 

Unfortuinaly on my system being as afu as it is...its not working.
SHould that do it? is that enough?

(The problem on my system was a hastey rescue form a failing hard drive that
rescued my data just before the drive made its "Final Exit"...
I did a cp -rf of the filesystem and of course lost all sym links etc
- I am "in process" of fixing it by hand right now but...update-rc
is unhappy still)


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