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Re: 2 packages using same conffile

On Sun, Jul 05, 1998 at 07:25:28AM -0600, James LewisMoss wrote:
>  Joseph> I could create the file in postinst if it doesn't exist, but
>  Joseph> this seems like a Bad Idea<tm> for many reasons.  Is there
>  Joseph> really no Right Way to do this except to leave them as two
>  Joseph> seperate files and have the user deal with it however they
>  Joseph> will?  [2 <application/pgp-signature>]
> It's kind of ugly, but you could have a package irc-common with that
> file in it. (Are there other things that irc clients can share?
> scripts?)
> Then it can be treated as a conffile, but neither package owns it.
> They just depend on irc-common.

hmmm..  The file is not even required, it's just a nice place to put the
irc.debian.org:6667 where people can see it and know what to put there.

The packages CAN share scripts to a degree.  Most ircii scripts should run
in bitchx, epic, and epic4..  Probably all the others as well.  However they
all have proprietary enhancements and are not generally compatible with
eachother in that regard.  epic4 is more compatible with bx scripts now, hop
has been talking with pana about these things.

Someone I was talking to was considering taking several well-known scripts
for different clients and packaging them together as irs-scripts or
something.  I'm not sure this is a good idea, but if they were seperated by
what client they were written for they could be useful.

In general, irc-common does seem kinda ugly.

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