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Re: Bug #23053

Tommi Virtanen <tv@debian.org> writes:

> > That was exactly what happens! I, as root is adding/creating/deleting (etc) a user,
> > the program xAdmin is therefor run by root, therefor /etc/shadow will be owned by
> > root.root, True?
> 	You misunderstood the word "own". Think "belonging to a package", as
> 	in "I shouldn't go around mucking /etc/inetd.conf because it is not
> 	owned by me -- so I'll use update-inetd.

I did not misunderstood the word, this is _EXACTLY_ how I understood it! I fucked up, OK?
I'm the author of the xAdmin package, therefor I messed up the chown'ing of the file... I
didn't think about the problem I described above.

I have now fixed this. I should not close the bug (according to James), until I have fixed
it permanently, which will happen any day (I hope :).

> > The fix is simple: 
> >   chown("/etc/shadow", "root", "group");
> 	Somehow I feel this code might not do proper locking etc. Don't trust
> 	a multi-thousand user system on it..

Sorry, I meant:

	chown("/etc/shadow", "root", "shadow");

Where I find 'shadow' by doing a:


Maybe I should do a


to find the name of the root user? :)

BTW. Is there a secure way of locking files, that work on any program? Say admin 1 is using
xAdmin to change/add etc a user, and admin 2 is using emacs (or, yuck, vi :) to do the same...

Admin 1 is starting his prog first, how would admin 2 (with editor of his/her choice) know
about this...

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