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Re: /usr/share?

>>"Marcelo" == Marcelo E Magallon <mmagallo@efis.ucr.ac.cr> writes:

 Marcelo> Ok, it doesn't forbid, but it doesn't specify either.

	Yes, but the FHS does. And since this does not contravene
 anything in the FSSTND, we are not violating policy. Also, I think we
 agreed not to put files directly under /usr/share, so we have kind of
 given our blessing to /usr/share.

 Marcelo> And yes, I know we are moving to FHS, but before moving
 Marcelo> towards it, we must change policy.

	Indeed. However, as this does not contravene the FSSTND, I am
 inclined not to come down like a ton of bricks on the packages that
 already use /use/share/

 Marcelo> Ian (I think) said one of the goals for slink would be not
 Marcelo> to repeat what happened with hamm, that is, packages from
 Marcelo> hamm can't be installed on bo without heavy upgrading, if at
 Marcelo> all.

	Is that not because f glibc2 issues? Putting package internal
 files in /usr/share does not in any way make hamm and slink

 Marcelo> Packages from slink should be installable on hamm.

	What instances of such incompatibility are you seeing? 

 Marcelo> Cluttering /usr/share/ with loads of $package directories is
 Marcelo> not a really good idea.

	Reasons, please. especially reasons with the long term use of
 /usr/share in mind. 


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