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Two Q: upstream & xforms

I just took over xabacus as a package to maintain.  It seems like a simple/easy
package to cut my teeth on.  However, when I went looking for the latest
version of the program, the only thing I found was at ftp.x.org/contrib.. and
the author on the copyright is different than the one in the deb package... and
the version numbers are WAY different... any ideas what I should do?  I've
already left a message to the author of the xabacus that I found and am waiting
for an answer.

My email reader of choice is xfmail (in non-free).  Is it in non-free because
of it's copyright.. or because of the copyright of the xforms library that it
uses.  I read both copyrights and they both seemed to fit in with debian's
policy of free software.  Could someone point out WHAT makes either xforms or
xfmail "non-free"?  (I like the xforms library and much of what I've written
for X is xforms and I'm worried they'll be relegated to non-free, in which
case, I might want to rewrite them)

Version: 3.1
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