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my first package... loads of questions :)


Greetings.  I've just adopted an orphaned package (objpak), and I have
a couple of questions about what I do next.

 1. I assume that it would be a good idea to update the package to use
    debhelper, etc., and that there is no point in uploading it until
    I do.  Am I right?

 2. Assuming that all I do (at the moment) is fix up the current
    version, I should put it only in unstable, right?  (It was
    orphaned and thus not present in frozen.)

Those are the most immediate issues.  However, there is another issue
I thought I would ask about.

There is a newer upstream release of the package, and as it
significantly expanded from the current debianized version, I want to
package it ASAP.  However, because objpak is now a part of a complete
compiler system, the sources for the gcc-compatible version of it are
distributed separately.  (It is not sufficient to simply package the
whole system, because Objective-C libraries are usually

The problem is that the distribution archive for these sources does
not contain any documentation, license, or indeed anything but source
and a makefile.  All of that other stuff is in the big package, the
entirety of which is under LGPL.

So, what do I do in a case like this?  Grab the documentation
et. al. out of the big package?

(Eventually I would like to package the whole thing, but that is a
much larger project than I want to undertake until I have done a few
smaller ones first :)

- --Rob

- -- 
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