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Re: 2nd call for help

	You can generate a changes file using dpkg-genchanges as long
 as you have a changelog file, and a control file.

	Oh, I missed the changes file following your signature ;-), Or
 I would have cobbled together a ./debian directory to start you off;
 get the file started, and then edit in the correct md5 values later,
 and resign.

 BTW: doing this on a Debian machine as Bruce suggested is probably a
 better idea.
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 be precisely defined and that all the pieces should fit together
 smoothly. The basic idea behind Pascal was that it didn't matter how
 vague the language specification was (it took *years* to clarify) or
 how many rough edges there were, as long as the CDC Pascal compiler
 was fast. Richard A. O'Keefe
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