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some dependency problems


I have a problem with the php3 package. There is the main package which
contains a loadable module for apache called mod_php3.so. There are some
additional packages containing loadable modules for php, like pgsql.so.
The current php3-pgsql, which contains pgsql.so depends on php3 with no
version information. It should probably depend on the exact upstream
version (like 3.0b6) of php3. Could someone tell me how to achieve this
without editing the Depends fields of all packages in the control file
with each upstream release? 

Another question which could be related to the previous one: can I make an
shlibs file which refer to a shared object without a soname version number?
If there was a way to do this, I could just modify the shlibs file with
each upstream version, and let dpkg-shlibdeps do the rest (I'd still need 
advice how to make the depends on the upstream version, without the
debian version). I dont think it would be a good solution to add a version
number to the object, since this is not a real library after all, just a
shared object which should be loaded with dl(), although I had to link
pgsql.so against it to have it working. 


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