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Re: mirroring

>>"G" == G John Lapeyre <lapeyre@newton.physics.arizona.edu> writes:

G> How do I get a mirror program to either copy symlinks and the files
G> and directories they point to. or follow the sym link and simply
G> copy what it points to

G> I have tried every mirroring program I can find.

	I note you have not tried the grand-dady, amusing called
 mirror. Or wget -r.

       Mirror can handle symbolic links but not  ordinary  links.
       It  does not duplicate owner or group information.  If you
       require any of these options, use rdist(1) instead.

G> They all just copy the symlink and not the file.  The man pages
G> don't address the problem at all. I have tried fmirror, lftp and
G> lurkftp.

       If  the  remote  site  contains  symlinks that you want to
       "flatten out" into the corresponding files, then  do  this
       by changing the flags passed to the remote ls:

       First  test  this by trying a ls -lRatL on the remote site
       under the ftp command to check whether  the  remote  file-
       store has any symlink loops.


                      If true, symlinks will be made  to  invalid
                      (non-existent) pathnames.  Under older ver­
                      sions this defaulted to true.  [false]

                      Regexp of pathnames that should be followed
                      to  the  file  or  directory they point at.
                      This makes local symlinks invisible to mir­
                      ror.  ['']


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