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Hi Nilesh,

Am Tue, Feb 22, 2022 at 08:01:59PM +0530 schrieb Nilesh Patra:
> It was me who added in that to the policy, but I did not think about deciding/zero-ing
> down on an upper limit for the size of data that is acceptable for embedding.

Thanks a lot for adding this.
> For now, I have been mostly going on my instincts and embedded what I considered as a sensible size,
> but we might want to decide on an acceptable
> size limit at that front; maybe ~100 MiB? -- I am not sure myself.

I'm not sure either.  I'd think we leave it as is and decide on a case
by case base what is sensible or not.  For example if it is about GATK
(which is large in itself and a potentially high popcon package with a
high frequency of new versions which might deserve thorough testing) I'd
accept a larger data set than for a relatively small package with a low
popcon value.

For pique it might sense to add some README.test and add the code how
to test the package there to make it visible for the user.

Kind regards



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