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Re: Bug#1004498: RFP: toml11 -- C++11 (or later) header-only toml parser/encoder

Hi Lance,

On Wed, Feb 02, 2022 at 01:48:49PM +0000, Lance Lin wrote:
> > It is an RFP, just change it to ITP, assign it to yourself and go ahead, you don't have to wait :)
> How would I go about doing this? I've seen a few ways to do this (emailing requests@debian.org with a command, for example) but I would like to learn the correct way.
> Unfortunately, I already created the ITP, so do you think this would work:
> (1) Re-title bug 1004498 to ITP?
> (2) Merge my created ITP with 1004498? Close my ITP bug?
> (3) Re-title bug to RFS once I finish the packaging

The right way is to send it to the control server (control@bugs.debian.org)
In debian land, whenever you work on an RFP, change it to an ITP.
And since that'd lead to two ITPs for your case, so you should do both (1) and (2) that you
mentioned above; i.e. retitle+merge.

The following contents to control@bugs.debian.org should do the trick:

retitle 1004498 ITP: <your ITP title>
merge 1004498 <your ITP bug#>

> I would appreciate your help in knowing exactly how to do this. At a glance it makes sense but I don't know how to do it within Debian. It's a bit confusing for a new comer. Thank you for your good advice.

This should help you learn the right way[1][2] for further reports, do take a look.
> > > It would be great if a Debian Developer on this mailing list would be able to sponsor the package for me 
> > I/someone else will do so definitely.
> Thank you! I will let you know when it is uploaded to mentors.

No need to do so, that'd be an un-necessary formality for us; just push to salsa and pass us the link. 
I have added you to our team w/ maintainer perms.

> After working with the software, I think I would agree. This seems to be a general package and not medical specific. For now, I have hosted the repo on my personal salsa [1]

Please push it to our team's namespace, and let us know when you think it is ready.

PS: <nitpick> Your mailing client seems to append a lot of blank lines to every line on the email you reply to; and it
renders weird for me both on thunderbird and mutt - please consider to fix this </nitpick> 

> [1] https://salsa.debian.org/linqigang/toml11
[2]: https://www.debian.org/Bugs/server-control


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