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Re: Bug#1004498: RFP: toml11 -- C++11 (or later) header-only toml parser/encoder

On 1 February 2022 6:35:25 pm IST, Lance Lin <LQi254@protonmail.com> wrote:
>Hi Thomas,
>> I've never packaged a C or C++ library so I'd be grateful for somebody else to
>> package this. One could look at nlohmann-json3 which is also a C++ header
>> library.
>If no one else volunteers, I would be able to package and maintain toml11 for you.

It is an RFP, just change it to ITP, assign it to yourself and go ahead, you don't have to wait :)

> [...]
>It would be great if a Debian Developer on this mailing list would be able to sponsor the package for me 

I/someone else  will do so definitely.

> as well as create a repo on the debian med team salsa page.

I'll add you to the team in a bit.

However, that package doesn't look like a Medical software so maybe it should go to salsa.debian.org/debian namespace.

But it's fine if you want it in med team, I wouldn't mind.

> I will file an ITP bug and get started.

No, rather retitle this bug report to an ITP.
Thanks for taking this up.


>[1] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/workflow
>[2] https://salsa.debian.org/linqigang/srpc

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