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Re: Reminders about using SIMDe

Hi Michael

On Wed, 27 Jan 2021 at 14:51, Michael R. Crusoe <crusoe@debian.org> wrote:

After scheduling a binary rebuild[0] of packages using libsimde-dev

First off, thanks a lot for doing this!
I noticed that there are a few new packages using SIMDe (yay!) but aren't listed on https://wiki.debian.org/SIMDEverywhere

It is at my end, I added simde support to plast, ngmlr and scrappie but completely missed adding them to the wiki, sorry about that.
I actually wanted to know answers of a couple of questions before I open a PR for them upstream:

* In the simde wiki, point no.3, it is written to remove -msse3, -march=native et al flags, however in a few PRs that you opened up, this[1] for example, I do not see this change
   it is however appended with a -D__SIM_SSE3 - does this allow the -msse3 flag to work well? And am I expected to do the same stuff in the upstream build system?

* There is no need to add in arguments: "-DSIMDE_ENABLE_OPENMP -fopenmp-simd" into the upstream build system right?

Just to be sure that I'm doing it the right way, could you please review the PR I sent for plast[2] (sent this PR last month)?
(Building the upstream repository locally, it looked okay)

I apologize if these questions might somehow sound stupid, but I do not know SIMDe's working well enough to take a judgement without being clear.

[1]: https://github.com/stamatak/standard-RAxML/pull/50/files#diff-8bf5a567e3d917cc040b7bf12f499844b30961ed930b421b717d25039efdd94aR6
[2]: https://github.com/PLAST-software/plast-library/pull/8

Thanks a lot,

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