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I still struggle to know the best way to report errors I find running Debian-Med packages under Ubuntu, so I'm just going to report it here.

There is an absolute path to "fixgreen" in the "ploteig" script in the "eigensoft" package. Sorry I'm not a true Debianista and before I get told off the Debian reporting tools don't work under Ubuntu. I obtained a copy of "fixgreen" from the EIG5.0.2.tgz distribution tarball.

Thanks again for all your hard work maintaining Debian-Med,


root@wildcat:/usr/local/src/bioinformatics/EIGENSOFT/EIG-6.1.4/bin# diff -Naur ploteig /usr/bin/ploteig
--- ploteig	2016-09-07 16:00:02.000000000 +0100
+++ /usr/bin/ploteig	2021-01-21 19:24:39.535788738 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,8 @@
-#!/usr/local/bin/perl  -w
+#!/usr/bin/perl  -w
+#@(#)ploteig  2021-01-21  last modified by A.J.Travis
+# Removed absolute path to "fixgreen"

### ploteig -i eigfile -p pops -c a:b [-t title] [-s stem] [-o outfile] [-x] [-k] [-y] [-z sep] -r colorstring -m xmul -n ymul
 use Getopt::Std ;
@@ -135,7 +139,7 @@
   $psfile  =~ s/xtxt/ps/ ;
 system "gnuplot < $gnfile > $psfile" ;
-system "/home/np29/bin/fixgreen  $psfile" ;
+system "fixgreen  $psfile" ;
 system "ps2pdf  $psfile " ;
 unlink (@T) unless $keepflag ;

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