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Re: bedtools 2.29.2+dfsg-6

Étienne Mollier wrote:
> Technically speaking, the existing bedtools-test package moving
> to Arch: any will need one instance per architecture, so growing
> the size of the archive.

That is true, and the test data is unfortunately quite large. One could put the htsutil executable (and perhaps the run-unit-test script) in a per-architecture bedtools-test package and have it/them depend on a single noarch bedtools-testdata package that contained the large test data. Or vice versa. But to be sure this is starting to be an amount of work for not very much gain.

FYI there is an imminent upstream bedtools release (in the next day or two) which will obsolete Debian's 32-bit-fixes.patch and no-samtools patches (and perhaps others), and will allow run-unit-test to set htsutil=/path/to/htsutil, just as it overrides paths for DATA and BT, should it wish to.

> In any case, Thanks for your remark, I was not entirely aware of
> the status of the htsutil executable as a component purely of
> testing purpose.

See also https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/debian-med-packaging/2020-December/088479.html



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