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Re: Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

Am Sun, Jan 03, 2021 at 12:41:49PM +0530 schrieb Sonali Warunjikar:

> On Sat, Jan 02, 2021 at 06:55:12PM +0100, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
> > Eventually, Kodak started marketing its sensor via CareStream.
> Rather Kodak sold its healthcare business: "In 2007, the Kodak Health
> Group was sold to Onex Corporation ... and Kodak Health Group was renamed
> Carestream Health." [1]
> What's is more recent is: "In April 2017, Carestream Health announced an
> agreement to sell its Dental Digital business to private equity firms
> Clayton, Dubilier & Rice" [1]
> Don't know what happened after that.
> The devices are still out there in the market and I think people still buy
> them and at least colloquially call it 'Kodak RVG'.

At any rate, things commercial are typically shrouded in
mystery not last to confuse IRS', let alone poor users trying
to derive reasonable assumptions from what little data there

BTW, was there ever any feedback from that alibaba contact ?

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