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During routine checking, I noticed that a file is missing from "metaphlan2-data" in "med-bio":

debsums -ac metaphlan2-data
debsums: missing file /var/lib/metaphlan2-data/markers.fasta (from metaphlan2-data package)

The file is present in the metaphlan2-data.deb:

apt download metaphlan2-data
dpkg-deb -Rv metaphlan2-data_2.6.0+ds-3_all.deb metaphlan2-data_2.6.0+ds-3_all
ls -l metaphlan2-data_2.6.0+ds-3_all/var/lib/metaphlan2-data/markers.fasta
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 771154614 Sep  6  2016 metaphlan2-data_2.6.0+ds-3_all/var/lib/metaphlan2-data/markers.fasta

The manifest has an entry for "markers.fasta", which is why debsums reports it as a missing file:

fgrep markers.fasta metaphlan2-data_2.6.0+ds-3_all/DEBIAN/md5sums
3f824117b27a052ede59c68c2f1dead4  var/lib/metaphlan2-data/markers.fasta

However, "markers.fasta" is not installed.

I copied the file into place manually because I can't work out why it isn't installed with the rest of the package?

Any ideas/explanations about why would be apreciated :-)



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