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Re: GPU support in BART

Hi Martin,

On Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 07:54:22AM +0000, Uecker, Martin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I want to activate GPU support in the Debian package
> for the BART toolbox, but I am not sure what is the 
> best way to approach this.
> There may be several options:
> We can provide an additional package which can be
> installed alternatively, e.g. bart-gpu and which
> provides a CUDA-enabled binary and conflicts with
> the regular package.  But I wonder whether this would
> make all bart packages non-free?  Or do we need
> two separate source packages? 

You need a separate source package.  May be you use the
relion package as example.  Its the same there.
> Maybe there is a way to compile and link
> against CUDA with requiring the presence of the
> dynamic library of run-time.  We could then
> dlopen the library at run-time if it is
> present. But the compilation would then
> still depend on a non-free package.

As long as the build process needs something from
non-free the (source!) package has to go to contrib.
> We could try to move GPU backend into a module
> which can be loaded at run-time and which is
> then packaged separately. But this would 
> require some development effort.

I *personally* would prefer this (but I do not have
any idea about the effort to implement it).
> Maybe you have some recommendations? Or you can
> recommend a package to look at as an example?

See above relion.

Hope this helps



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