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Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

Am Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2020, 11:01:35 CET schrieb Sonali Warunjikar:

> On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 12:06:22PM +0530, Sonali Warunjikar wrote:

> > Also a wireshark capture (attached, gzipped), a filter 'usb.bus_id == 1

> > and usb.device_address == 6' reveals the device in question.

> >

> > Honestly no clue how I'll make use of all this!

> >

> > Would appreciate help.


> Strangely the endpoint numbers in usbmon and in wireshark mismatch.

> Wireshark shows endpoint numbers that are not even shown by lsusb in some

> cases. Don't know which ones to trust, probably usbmon as it matches

> lsusb, but usbmon truncates all the data.


> Wireshark probably has a bug that greys out export format options which

> makes it difficult to export all the bytes data. Still managed to get

> those out once (something I can't repeat now).


> But sending those bytes as it is to the device to begin the interaction

> draws either input/output error or requested timed out depending on

> whether set_altsettings() was called on the interface or not.


> Search for twain on Linux led nowhere. There is a pint sane backend that

> is supposed to mimic twain, but that doesn't seem to recognize on

> scanimage -L.


> Sadly, considering giving up...


Never give up. Consider asking people with more knowledge on the SANE mailing list




Present your findings and someone might immediately have further pointers.


The sensor is more or less a camera that registers light that is emited when xray hits the sensor.


The so called sensor is a highly integrated package with most of the smarts inside the sensor head.


From what I read it is always on meaning once plugged into USB it is ready to transmit. Just like your average webcam.


The trick now is to read the data off the sensor. Supposedly it gives a continous stream and it is up to the receiving software to make some sense out of this.


For different sensor there is some interesting information here






Have you asked the manufacturer for information on using this as a twain device ?




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