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Re: Re: Acquiring Dental RVG on Linux

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 10:13:19AM +0100, Sebastian Hilbert wrote:
>    How is the machine connected ? USB ? Network ?

To the imaging device - USB.

>    What are the resulting files you get on disk with the Windows software or
>    is it stored in a database ?

It is .RVG file which is a DICOM file (as reported by file command).
Those open fine in open source software such as 3d slicer (and in many
more), so the file format is not a problem.

Basically when the proprietary application is open on Windows, the device
is connected to USB port and x-ray is shot, the image appears in that
software and it can be saved as a .rvg file.

>    I might be worth looking into how the software actually finds out the
>    hardware has changed. They might check the MAC address of the network
>    card.

Yes MAC, but may be also disk ids and don't know what else. It will take a
lot of tinkering to satisfy windows to let it boot. Will try it over time,
but if I could get Linux directly talk to the USB device, that would be
really awesome, compared to dependency on any VM. I could even use
something like Raspberry Pi 4 (which has substantial RAM options) as a
dedicated device for X-raying.

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