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[RFS] libpdb-redo

Finally I'm reaching the more interesting software I'd like to contribute. This library contains a lot of code that is shared among the various programs created for PDB-REDO ( https://pdb-redo.eu )

The library contains code to create map files from MTZ and structure files. Distance maps, bond maps, a real space minimizer, ramachandran information and some symmetry operations (loop over all possible symmetry copies of an atom e.g.).

The bond information is based on the CCD information but has been compressed in the Debian package to keep the package small. I could have done the same as in libcifpp, adding an update script and such, but I though that this was a bit too much for this first release. The upstream contains a tool to generate the compressed bond info file out of a CCD components.cif file.

This library depends on libnewuoa which was accepted but is not on the server yet. Therefore I could only test it with sbuild, not with gbp buildpackage. So I guess it will have to wait here a bit.

Any suggestions for improvement are welcome of course.

regards, -maarten

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