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Re: [RFS] Libnewuoa


Well. I'm lost now. Upstream has accepted and merged my pull request, but forgot to update the tag. I asked to fix this, but that was the third request in a short period and I'm afraid it was too much to ask for even though I really did my best to be polite which is a lot of effort for someone from the Netherlands I can tell. :-)

So now I'm stuck, either I leave the patches and the watch on the tag or release, or I ignore the tag and use the latest commit. Since the patches on the tag result in an identical upstream as the latest commit, I would say we should keep the package as it is and track the tag.

Like I said, chances this package will ever be updated upstream is very low.

Any thoughts?

regards, -maarten

Op 03-12-2020 om 12:47 schreef Maarten L. Hekkelman:

Op 03-12-2020 om 11:32 schreef Steffen Möller:
To talk to upstream is always a good idea.
I just submitted a pull request @github. We'll see what comes out of that.

But in any case, this is an extremely simple library re-implementing an algorithm originally written in FORTRAN whose original inventor died several years ago. Chances there will ever be an update are exactly null, if you'd ask me.

But hey, I see this as an educational exercise.

regards, -maarten

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