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Re: [RFS] tortoize

Hi Maarten,

On Sun, Dec 06, 2020 at 07:55:05AM +0100, Maarten L. Hekkelman wrote:
> Op 27-11-2020 om 18:00 schreef Andreas Tille:
> > > This package is now ready to be uploaded as well.
> > Nearly.  :-)  I have fixed debian/upstream/metadata.
> Ha, you missed another error: one I made in cif-tools as well,

So never trust me to fetch all issues. ;-)

> I had the
> default base path for the vcs- links in the control file instead of having
> med-team. Fixed that.


> But there's something else which I find curious, the autopkgtest contained
> and error and I fixed after you spotted it and (I thing) pushed it before
> you uploaded. Still the currently accepted tortoize has the wrong
> autopkgtest.

Yep.  Someone else has uploaded.  I kept the changelog entry of the
first release and was running `routine-update -f`.  Regarding the
autopkgtest:  Would you mind explaining why it Test-Depends libcifpp-dev
> So, could you please upload the current tortoize?

We need a source only upload anyway.

Kind regards



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