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Re: Help for optimir autopkgtest needed

Hi Andreas,

My laptop has decided to die last week, so I can do only minor edits
through the salsa web interface.

Le ven. 4 déc. 2020 à 23:58, Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu> a écrit :
> I updated the packaging of optimir in Git[1] but its autopkgtest
> fails with
>  > Starting Library preparation...
> Error with system call: Bowtie2 index creation failed: command line = bowtie2-build -f /tmp/autopkgtest.FxuHx2/autopkgtest_tmp/OptimiR_Results_Dir/OptimiR_lib/fasta/optimiR_library.fa /tmp/autopkgtest.FxuHx2/autopkgtest_tmp/OptimiR_Results_Dir/OptimiR_lib/bowtie2_index/optimiR_alignment_library -q

The autopkgtest seems to be successful with salsa-ci:

Is it possible that the error is transitional?


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