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Re: mothur: Removal of sys/sysctl.h

On 4 Dec 2020, at 16:08, Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
> In catch.hpp it is used for the MacOS case, to access the mib, which is
> completely normal. But I don't see why ./source/uchime_src/myutils.cpp
> and ./source/mothur.h would need to include it, they are not using the
> sysctl function.

The myutils.cpp code uses some KERN_* #defines from sys/sysctl.h, but like the catch.hpp code the relevant part is compiled only on macOS so shouldn't need any changes here.

Some grepping suggests that no other source code is using anything from sys/sysctl.h via the #include line in source/mothur.h. So I agree that you should be able to just remove that one #include line from source/mothur.h and have the whole thing compile happily on Linux both before and after this upcoming glibc change.


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