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Re: [RFS] q2-types 2020.11.0-1

Hi Steffen,

On Wed, Dec 02, 2020 at 12:56:36AM +0100, Steffen Möller wrote:
> Sponsored. And I also uploaded c2-cutadapt. I happily allow everything,
> too, just had some gpg --check-trustdb break over here.
> Are you aware of
> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tApLhVqxRZ2VOuMH_aPUgFENQJfbLlB_PFH_Ah_q7hM/edit#gid=1986383821
> ?
> I suggest you put your name next to whatever you are about to work on,

I admit I'm very sloppy with this and also fail to check whether someone
has put some name next to it.  I think this is sensible for some long
term work on new packages.  However, the time to maintain those entries
for some routine-update or so is to much for me.  If someone is working
on some bug its probably better to respond to the bug report that there
is some work in progress to avoid racing conditions.

Kind regards



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