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Re: Maintaining non-med packages in the team only to satisfy dependencies

Hi Andreas,

Le 30/05/2020 à 07:51, Andreas Tille a écrit :
> Hi Pierre,
> On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 11:48:39PM +0200, Pierre Gruet wrote:
>> Lastly I have begun packaging Java software needed as dependencies of
>> snpeff, that we would need in Debian Med as it is related to genes and
>> proteins.
> At first I'd like to say thanks a lot for this.

You are welcome! :)

> For picking a team there is no real right or wrong.  As I recently wrote
> here[1] we should assemble all biology / medicine related software no
> matter what language it is written in, here.  But also to this rule
> exceptions exist.
> We have a very "bad" example for generic software in Debian Med team
> which is libzstd which is now even on boot disks.  I'd love to get rid
> of this here - but there is no other place and it was initially
> maintained by a Debian Med member.
> I think the decision where to maintain involves also some gut feeling.
> I usually decide based on the chances I see to get the best maintenance.
> Its better to get mails about RC bugs via the channels you usually read
> instead of just getting information that your final target package will
> be removed from testing due to RC bugs somewhere else.

Thanks a lot for giving your opinion in details, this helps!

>> Of course we in Debian Med will do the maintenance effort as we need
>> those software (e.g. for snpeff, which we want to have in Debian), but
>> don't you think that other teams could blame us for working on packages
>> that would logically be maintained by them?
> There is no "blame" about this.  Teams like Debian Med and Debian
> Science are working closely together.  There is no real competition
> about who maintaines what.

I perfectly understand. I was not suggesting competition, but trying to
infer some rules in the mechanisms that lead one package to be
maintained in one team or another.
Besides, I am very much aware of one of the main reasons, which is the
needs and time of the members of the teams.

>> I imagine you already have an opinion on that, and I would be interested
>> in the rationale.
> For you as a newcomer I'd recommend to stay in a team where you are
> comfortable with.  Finally packages can be moved between teams if
> needed.  I'm personally reading Debian Science list but not with the
> same frequence as the Debian Med list.  So if you want a quick response
> from me, just maintain it here.  If you rather want to meet people in
> Debian Science which can be interesting, just do it there (and may be
> CC me in mails to be save to get quick response).  Both is fine.

Thanks again. I am indeed very comfortable in Debian Med; my only
concern was to do things correctly in my Debian work :-)
I will thus go on doing the packaging efforts toward SnpEff in Debian Med.

>> Thanks for reading, and have a very nice week-end,
> Same to you
>     Andreas.

Kind regards,

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