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gbp related issues with importing new upstream release for raxml-ng


I am currently in the process of updating raxml-ng[1] to the latest
upstream release before fixing the missing libraries and making it a
functional package.

Unfortunately, I cannot seem to build the package. I've used uscan to
get the latest orig version, then used gbp import-orig --pristine-tar
../raxml-ng_0.9.0.orig.tar.gz to import the latest upstream release and
generate a new tag (upstream/0.9.0). After doing this, I cannot seem to
build the package (gbp buildpackage --git-builder=sbuild -A -v -d
unstable) as I get the following output:

dpkg-source: info: you can integrate the local changes with dpkg-source
dpkg-source: error: aborting due to unexpected upstream changes, see
dpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-source -b . subprocess returned exit status 2

This issue wasn't present before import-orig and I'm a little rusty
right now as to why I am getting this issue. I've rolled back the
changes on the gitlab to the previous version (0.2.0) before touching
the package. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Kind regards,
Shayan Doust

[1]: https://salsa.debian.org/med-team/raxml-ng

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