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Re: loki2.4.x for binary traits

Hi Wouter,
I think some support has been introduced for qualitative traits as well from version 2.4 onwards, but the description has not been updated. 
The original website of the package is not accessible anymore, but please take a look at this archived version,
where you can find the updated description, which says, "Loki was originally designed for linkage analysis of quantitative traits, though there is some limited support for qualitative trait linkage analysis."

Loki is not being maintained by the original authors anymore, but you might find some information in the manual here:

@debian-med Should we patch the readme to include the updated description?


On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 6:03 PM Wouter van Rheenen <woutervanrheenen@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear debian-med team,

I was hoping to use the loki package for MCMC-based linkage analyses for both quantitative and binary traits. The package description states: "The current package supports analyses on quantitative
 traits only, although this restriction will be lifted in later versions." 
Will this restriction indeed be lifted in a later version. If so, can you give an estimate on the release date of this update?

Your work is much appreciated.

Kind regards


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