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Re: Progress in preparing the Bazel Build System for Debian (COVID-19 Biohackathon follow-up)

Hi Olek,

Le 06/05/2020 à 07:42, Olek Wojnar a écrit :

> We have more information available, including links to RFP bugs, on our
> Workplan wiki [3]. If you have Java experience and are willing to assist
> in this effort, even packaging one of these would be a great help. If
> you also want to help with the main Bazel-packaging effort, please feel
> free to join the team!

You can remove javax-annotation from the list, it's already packaged as
libgeronimo-annotation-1.3-spec-java. Also error-prone and
checker-framework provide annotations that are not required at runtime,
patching them out is an option.

Regarding the other generic dependencies, it would be nice to package
them under the Java Team umbrella.

Emmanuel Bourg

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