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Request for sponsorship/upload permission: RAxML

gbo clone git@salsa.debian.org:med-team/raxml

I enabled building on all archs, not just x86, via the simde library.


I also hardened the build

dcut dm --uid 724D609337113C710550D7473C26763F6C67E6E2 --allow raxml

FYI, I'm also waiting for upload permissions for r-cran-r.cache r-cran-globals (both packages started by me) and python-biopython:
  * Skip PDB_ResidueDepth test, as http://mgltools.scripps.edu/packages/MSMS
    is not yet packaged for Debian
  * Skip test_mmtf{,_online} as https://github.com/rcsb/mmtf-python is not yet
    packaged for Debian
  * Added missing test dependencies: python-unittest2, python{,3}-networkx,
  * i386: build-dep on raxml for testing purposes
  * debian/patches/arm64.patch from upstream to fix the PairwiseAligner
  * debian/patches/fix_doctest: from me to fix the Bio.Cluster._cluster doctests
    Now the tests are required to pass again.

Thanks! (Alas, no progress on my DD application yet)

Michael R. Crusoe

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