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Re: Bug#941805: Bug#941805: hmmer: autopkgtest regression: hmmpgmd_ga] ... FAILED [crash!]

Hi Michael,

On Tue, Oct 08, 2019 at 10:02:18AM +0200, Michael Crusoe wrote:
> Thanks Olivier. I don't have upload permissions for hmmer, so any DD is
> welcome to update the changelog and upload my fixes.

Hmmm, I'll kill your excuse quickly by granting permissions. :-P (But
what is your excuse not asked for sponsoring before ... or even more
generally that your application as DD is not finished yet?)

I have done some more changes via `routine-update --force`.  I stumbled
above missing DEP3 header for


which I've added.  However it is not documented, why this check is
skipped.  Would you mind adding some reason to let other people who
might work on this package know?

Kind regards



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